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The Bank Apartments are designed in harmony and synergy with nature. Residents will enjoy the increased comforts and benefits of 6 star apartment living.

[edit] Features

  • North facing aspects not only provide spectacular city views, but fill living spaces with an abundance of natural light.
  • Rooms get more sun in winter and are naturally cooler in summer, creating consistent, ambient temperatures. This reduces reliance on heating and air conditioning, and translates to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and lower energy bills.
  • Rainwater tanks, located on the roof of the building, harvest water for use in the pool and expansive landscaped terrace, to maintain a lush open space all year around.
  • Water saving taps and showerheads are fitted throughout the complex.

The developmentā€™s close proximity to trains, trams and busses, and its location within walking distance to the CBD, means there is no need to drive. However, should the occasion arise, residents can borrow one of two share cars.

For those who prefer two-wheeled transport, there are many secure bike racks.

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