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* Northbank Viaduct * Northbank Viaduct
* Broadmeadows to Pascoe Vale * Broadmeadows to Pascoe Vale
 +==See also==
 +* [[Bicycle route naming and signs standards]]
 +* [[Melbourne eastern cycle route]]
 +* [[Melbourne cycling black spots]]
==External links== ==External links==

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The Principal Bicycle Network (PBN) in Melbourne is a network of arterial cycling routes in metropolitan Melbourne.

  • The PBN currently consists of approximately 3500 kilometres of existing and proposed on-road and off-road bicycle routes. So far, approximately 1200 kilometres of the network has been completed.
  • VicRoads has primary responsibility for managing the development of the PBN.
  • Bicycle facilities on the PBN are implemented by VicRoads and local councils depending on whether they are on an arterial or local road.



VicRoads is consider funding bicycle facilities on the PBN on the following basis:

  • On-Road Bicycle Facilities (All roads): VicRoads 100%
  • Off-Road Bicycle Facilities (Within the road reservation of a Freeway, Highway, Tourist, Road or Main Road on the PBN): VicRoads 100%
  • Local routes: Local councils 100%
  • Priority Bicycle Routes (in regional cities and towns): VicRoads 100%

2010 revision

The PBN is undergoing revision during 2010.

Usage of some rail easements are being investigated with studies/designs being done for cycle paths, including:

  • Watergardens to Sunshine
  • Sunshine to West Footscray
  • Ringwood to Box Hill
  • Dandenong to Clayton
  • Northbank Viaduct
  • Broadmeadows to Pascoe Vale

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