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Hi Marin154gabriel. Welcome to Greenlivingpedia.

Here are some links to help get you started editing and creating articles:

  • Help:Contents for information on creating and editing pages, adding images and formatting text.
  • Help:Creating a page for information on creating new pages
  • All help articles
  • Use the sandbox to try out editing. You can make any changes you want to this article and try out some formatting options

You can ask any questions here or on my user talk page.

You could start to learn editing using a wiki by creating and changing your user page: User:Marin154gabriel.

If you don't have a home page on the internet or your own website you could use your Greenlivingpedia user page for this.

You can also:

  • Start an article using the Search Greenlivingpedia or create article box on the main page.
  • Contribute more content to stub articles
  • Create a wanted article by clicking on a "redlink".

Regards, Peter Campbell

[edit] Please keep articles and edits on topic.

I have deleted the article you created Payday Loans in the UK bccause it was off topic for this wiki and contained link spam. Your contributions are welcome, but please ensure they are about green living, green building, community action or other green topics.

Peter Campbell 08:35, 1 October 2010 (CDT)‎

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