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These are recent links on green living, green building and green energy that I have bookmarked.

The first solar bike path is producing more energy than expected
Back in November, SolaRoad launched a test bike path that generates energy through solar cells embedded in the concrete. It sounds like an outlandish idea, but it's apparently paying off very quickly. [?]
Under the sun: Australia's largest solar farm set to sprout in a Queensland field | Environment | The Guardian
Gemmell set up Solar Choice – a solar project broker and consumer comparison service – while still in his legal chambers and he is now the proponent of what stands to become the largest solar farm in the country, perhaps the world. [?]
Jetson Bikes partners with Urban Outfitters -
Want to put a little zoom in your shopping bag? Besides browsing for clothes, bags and accessories at Urban Outfitters, you'll be able to pick up a Jetson electric E-bike for $1,900 online and at select stores, too, according to a Jetson spokeperson. The companies plan to formally announce the partnership on Friday. [?]
Why you should care about Solar Impulse and renewable energy’s long, long journey
It has now been more than 45 days since Solar Impulse took off from San Francisco for an across-the-nation journey powered only by the sun, and already there’s fatigue in some corners. When Solar Impulse finally landed in Washington, DC this weekend, there were no jubilant crowds of the type that met Charles Lindbergh when he arrived in Paris after his epic transatlantic flight. [?]
Mapping Hurricane Sandy’s Deadly Toll - Interactive Feature -
At last count, officials were attributing more than 100 deaths to Hurricane Sandy. Some patterns emerged in mapping the deaths in the region. Elderly residents were hit especially hard, with close to half of the people who died age 65 or older. In New York City, the majority of deaths occurred in Queens and on Staten Island, and most people perished at the height of the storm, drowned by the surge. [?]
Smart design a means to green esteem
OWNERS and tenants are moving into one of Melbourne's first apartment buildings to achieve a four-star Green Star rating. Lend Lease's newly completed Serrata building, a bold sculpted-concrete complex in Docklands, gained its green credentials from innovative design rather than expensive features, according to its architect, Robert Stent of Hayball. [?]
First drive review: Renault Twizy
Renault's Twizy is an enigma in the vehicle world. Its fluid, skull-shaped, monospace plastic body secured to a deformable tubular steel chassis is too narrow, according to Renault, to require a rear window. It operates with or without doors, and for another two months at least it won't have the option of zip-in windows. [?]
More eco-friendly housing incentives urged - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Despite millions of Australians embracing renewable energy, recycling and other ways of lessening their impact on the environment, sustainable living proponents say the uptake has been too slow. They say soaring electricity prices have failed to prove enough of a catalyst for change, with the capital costs of making houses more eco-friendly still a deterrent. Andrew Marsh is an Adelaide home owner whose home may look like many others, but energy-saving measures are proving highly effective. [?]
The house with no bills
The winner of an eco-friendly builders award is a house that generates zero emissions and has no effect on the environment. The HIA GreenSmart Home Awards were announced at Sergeants Mess overlooking Chowder Bay, Mosman, today. Taking out the top spot of GreenSmart Home of the Year was Clarendon Homes in conjunction with Landcom for their Net Zero Emission Display Home, which has an eight-star thermal performance rating. [?]
The Conversation
The recent take-up of domestic solar photo-voltaic (PV) panels in Australia has been quite phenomenal. Across 2010 and 2011, the installed capacity increased seven fold to about 1.4 gigawatts, doubling every 9 months. By the end of this year we will probably have in excess of 2 gigawatts of solar PV capacity installed. All fired up at the same time it is enough to produce about 8% of the average daytime electricity demand. [?]

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