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  1. Surrey Hills house (25,153 bytes)
    201: ...mated daily average water usage of 303 litres per person (as of December 2007 with Stage 3A restrictions i...
    243: ...ary, we decided to commit to this project to take personal and significant action to lower our environment...
    318: * [ Surrey hills sustainabl...
  2. Subiaco Sustainable Demonstration Home (1,000 bytes)
    3: ...n features and ideas that could be adopted by any person building or renovating their own home. The home i...
  3. Knoxfield house (14,455 bytes)
    118: ...L / day '''2008''' - 132.4 L / day i.e. 66L /person/day
  4. Green living news (42,027 bytes)
    273: ...climate crisis, is not going to be solved only by personal action and business action. We need changes in ...
    320: ...lution each year, almost double the 17 tonnes per person for those in the shire of Hume, in the city's out...
  5. Green facts (34,593 bytes)
    175: * 0.25 hectares of land is required to feed each person. By 2025 there will be less than one third of tha...
    218: in habits from the 1990s, when the average for personal use was 422 litres a day.
    219: ...sland, who have been limited to '''140 litres per person a day''' since May 2007.
    235: ...atch Institute, or more than 330 a year for every person in the country. Most of them are discarded.
    239: plastic bags a year, or more than 200 per person. Prime Minister Gordon Brown has urged the countr...
  6. Past Events (34,907 bytes)
    251: The Committee invites interested persons and organisations to make submissions addressing...
    328: * $5 per person per house or $10 a family, funds raised go toward...
  7. Greywater system (2,807 bytes)
    1: ...m average Australian households is 100 litres per person per day.
  8. John Brumby (2,147 bytes)
    26: [[Category:Person]]
  9. Some inconvenient truths (42,717 bytes)
    125: This assumes that the car is carrying only one person, which is not always true. Greater economy can be...
  10. Renewable Energy Certificates (2,876 bytes)
    10: * are created by registered persons;
    13: * are traded between registered persons;
    24: * the registration number of the person who created the REC;
  11. Transporting Melbourne to a sustainable future (12,527 bytes)
    9: is subsumed to the overriding imperative of ‘personal mobility’.
    10: He is happy to leave market forces and personal self interest to guide our future.
    44: ...hat means in Australia, because our emissions per person are the highest in the world, we need to reduce o...
    46: ...ered to change the way we do things – sorry our personal mobility is just way too important to and the r...
  12. Melbourne water usage (11,559 bytes)
    12: * Average daily consumption: 138 L per person
    16: ...ends in Melbourne's water usage (daily litres per person) is:
    26: Queensland have been limited to 140 litres per person a day since May 2007.
    36: ...rey Hills house]] water bill showing 4 litres per person per day ]]
    48: ==Voluntary personal water targets introduced in November 2008==
  13. Carbon rationing (2,201 bytes)
    1: '''Carbon rationing''' is a concept whereby personal carbon allowances can be allocated or "rationed...
    3: Carbon rationing focuses on just the energy a person buys – their electricity, gas, petrol and air t...
    15: ...ervices or activities, or taxing them heavily - a personal carbon allowance enables citizens to make their...
    22: * [[Wikipedia:Personal carbon trading]]
  14. Stop logging Melbourne water catchments (9,355 bytes)
    79: ... government water usage targets of 155 litres per person per day<ref>[
  15. Sea level rise (9,828 bytes)
    74: * Across the globe, about one person in 40 lives in a place likely to be exposed to su...
  16. Australian coal exports (1,247 bytes)
    18: ... to carbon emissions '''24.6 tonnes per annum per person'''.
  17. Aurora (2,987 bytes)
    15: ...s aim to have 54% less potable water consumed per person than normal houses, and are are expected to disch...
  18. Australian heatwave January 2014 (14,072 bytes)
    42: A bushfire in Perth burnt 46 homes and killed one person in Perth.<ref>[
  19. Wilson da Silva (2,337 bytes)
    13: *[ Personal website] of Wilson da Silva
    18: [[Category:Person]]
  20. Water tank pump (1,524 bytes)
    32: || Water usage per day (2 person household) - litres || 122

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