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  1. Knoxfield house (14,455 bytes)
    102: ... enters from below and is deflected back into the compost , which requires no turning, and can be removed ...
  2. Box Hill house (1,684 bytes)
    23: * Compost bins
  3. Products (9,333 bytes)
    15: ==Garden and compost==
    18: ...ate the ideal conditions for airtight (anaerobic) composting. The odours and unpleasantness associated wit...
  4. Brunswick West house (4,501 bytes)
    42: over 20 fruit and nut trees, vegetable garden, compost and chooks. The green makeover of our house has h...
  5. Past Events (34,907 bytes)
    193: ...arden surrounding sustainable house and featuring compost, worm farms and rare poultry.
  6. Greenprint (10,263 bytes)
    51: * Put scrap food on a '''[[compost]]''' heap, in a [[worm farm]] or a bokashi bucket
  7. Can we live with zero emissions? (7,026 bytes)
    57: Waste is expensive and we all have a compost bin. Community food-producing gardening has becom...
  8. New York Times green issue (1,650 bytes)
    9: ...king, walk the walk, good turnoffs, beyond waste, compost feast, organic ready-to-wear, returns accepted, p...
  9. Autonomous house (1,770 bytes)
    9: They may also use Compost/Dry Toilets, methane digestors as fuel and waste ...
  10. Green coffee (2,034 bytes)
    19: # '''Compost your coffee grounds''' and tea bags.
  11. Eltham Worms (1,189 bytes)
    1: ... Worms''' have been experimenting since 1999 with composting to deal with garden waste from a mowing and ga...
    5: ... “hot” composting and others where “cold” composting with worms is preferable.
    7: ... composting is not about buying a “new beaut” compost bin or wormfarm
    8: * It is about creating conditions for composting and worm activity no matter which system is us...
  12. Worm farms (2,274 bytes)
    1: ...than by conventional composting without worms. '''Compost worms''' are worms that are particularly good at ...
    3: ... controlled. The main conditions for successfully composting with worms are moisture, air, temperature, dar...
  13. Sanci permaculture garden (9,646 bytes)
    51: ...y sunburnt) in one corner. Behind water tank is a compost bin, worm farms (one going at present), excess to...
  14. Green gardens (2,708 bytes)
    15: # Mulch and compost.
    16: ... in your use of fertilizers. A layer of mulch or compost is often enough to keep ornamental plants healthy...

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