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Credit: SENSEable City Lab
Credit: SENSEable City Lab

Innovators at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a "smart bike wheel" that could give bicycle riders a 21st century boost. The goal is to encourage people to bike farther distances, relying less on fossil-fuel based transportation. [1]

Unveiled Tuesday at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, MIT's new Copenhagen wheel is designed to help the environment by making bike riding easier and more enjoyable.

The wheel's hub has a battery can store energy as you step on the brakes (regenerative braking) and then return that power back to help you climb a hill or boost your speed.

The wheel functions like this:

  • A sensor inside the hub measures your effort when you ride.
  • As you pedal, the sensor tells the wheel's electric motor in the hub to give you a boost.
  • When you brake, the motor turns into a generator, which slows you down and recharges the batteries.

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  1. MIT unveils new 'smart' bike wheel,, 15 December 2009

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