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Tourism is one of the main growing industries in the beginning of the 21st century that impacts strongly on the environment and on the local culture. Greening Tourism is a concept used to describe those practices that are aware of sustainability, environmental friendliness and social awareness in destinations. It can be practiced by the tourism companies in their strategic planning and in their business activities; by professionals in their work; by government and local authorities in their policies; and by the consumer, the tourist, when practicing tourism.

Ecotourism can be done without practicing greening tourism. Ecotoourism is important because it starts from a respect and concern on natural resources and on the environment, though ecotourism can be done also with no consideration on the charges that accumulation of tourism can cause to a region, or without educating consumers to be fair and to behave with respect towards the sustainability and protection of the environment. Issues such as energy savings, water savings and waste reduction are not always a priority for ecotourism companies. Local and regional authorities have to provide a framework inside a global strategic tourism development plan, which describes the rules how ecotourism must be deplyed and that contributes and facilitates education of professionals and tourists.

Most of the issues that Greening tourism companies must take in consideration are included in the list of topics of the Greenlivingpedia.

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There's a community in Ning that debates on the best pactices in Greening Tourism: [1]

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