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The Glebe house demonstrates the solar panels (a photovoltaic array) can be easily installed on an inner city terrace house in Sydney.

Owners Ian Edwards
Location Glebe, Sydney
Country Australia
Type Solar panel installation
House size Medium

Summary of house features

  • Solar panels, grid interactive
  • No airconditioner
  • Double glazing - one room
  • Roof insulation installed

  • Residents of Australia, (performing such insulation energy improvements) may be eligible to take advantage of the current Australian Government Insulation Grant program. Approved insulation installers can perform installation at a heavily subsidised costs.

[edit] Details

The solar array was intalled in 2001. Details on the system are:

  • 13 BP Solarex SX65 panels (65W each) yielding a total of 845W
  • GCI inverter, 1200W

The owner is planning to install rainwater tanks next.

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