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Earth: The Operators’ Manual (ETOM) presents an objective, accessible assessment of the Earth’s problems and possibilities that will leave people informed, energized and optimistic.

Powering the Planet: Case studies are provided of nations such as Brazil, China and Denmark that have begin the transition away from fossil fuel

Energy Quest USA showcases positive steps being taken in five very different U.S. communities: Alaska, Kansas, Fort Worth (Texas), Baltimore (Maryland) and Portland (Oregon.)

Earth: The Operators’ Manual includes rigorously researched, beautifully filmed and ultimately uplifting antidotes to the widespread "doom and gloom" approach to climate change. The program opens with a thorough grounding in Earth’s climate history and an overview of the current dilemmas, but its main thrust is an upbeat assessment of our many viable sustainable energy options.

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The average American uses more energy than the average global citizen, twice as much as a European, four times as much as the average Chinese, and 50 times as much as someone living off the grid in Africa or Latin America.

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