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The Doncaster house has a 2.1 kW solar array installed in January 2011.

[edit] Solar array details

  • Panels: 12 x 175W Suntech Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels
  • Inverter: Currently SB1700, to be replaced with SB4000TL
  • Installer: Sunsavers (

[edit] System Performance

To date since the system was turned on (after inspection), approximately 5.5 days has been 62kWh. This has included some overcast days and some 30deg+ days (when efficiency drops). When the inverter is upgraded to the SB4000TL the output should increase due to higher inverter efficiency(~97% vs SB1700 ~92%). I'm also hoping to be able to collect more detailed data via the Bluetooth interface.

On current numbers my household uses approximately 10-12kWh a day on average, so I am currently on par with my usage. This level of sustainability was my goal.

From a financial aspect, I am would be in net credit when accounting for the Victorian Feed in Tariff. I won't know the details until my bi directional meter is installed. I'm estimating payback to be approximately 3-4 years (I was lucky to receive the $8000 federal rebate). As soon as panel prices approach the $1-2 per Watt I'll be adding another 1-2kW. Hopefully in-line with generally available plug in electric cars.

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