Crown Plaza Hotel Alice Springs

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Alice Springs

The Crown Plaza Hotel, Alice Springs' largest hotel, is about to install the biggest solar panel installation in Australia, which will provide between 40 and 80 per cent of the hotel's power requirements.

The Crowne Plaza, which overlooks the MacDonnell Ranges, is participating with the Alice Solar City project to reduce its carbon footprint.

Location Alice Springs
Country Australia
Type Commercial building
Building size Large

[edit] Summary of features

  • Total cost of photovoltaic installation will be $3 million
  • There will be 13 solar arrays, comprising over 1300 individual solar modules
  • 530,000 kilowatts of power each year will be generated, equivalent to the energy required to power 60 households for a year.
  • The solar installation is expected to reduce the hotel's carbon footprint by 420 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.
  • The hotel will also link a television channel to each guest's room that provides real-time explanations of energy savings.
  • Together with an LCD display in the hotel foyer, the channel will display data from the rooftop solar arrays on power output, total energy generated and equivalent greenhouse gas emissions saved.

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