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Clinka is a suite of natural and healthy building materials - made of lightweight expanded clay aggregate using Scandinavian technology.

Clinka products are ecologically sustainable and offer superior thermal/acoustic insulation and fire resistance – exceeding all current building code requirements.

All Clinka products are based on small clinka balls that are made of lightweight expanded clay (approx. 6mm – 20mm diameter) – either bonded into various wall blocks or used loose as insulating underslab fill. They are an excellent environmental choice both thermally and in terms of life-cycle carbon emissions.

These products that have been continually developed over the last 50 years to increase the ESD standards of the northern European construction industry.

With great materials and super-simple, practical detailing clinka can help you make buildings that have very high levels of environmental performance.

The all-natural composition of clinka products will:

  • breathe (healthy indoor air quality)
  • attenuate noise (peace and quiet)
  • increase fire protection (safety and security)
  • be recycled eventually for multiple uses (indefinite life cycle)

Clinka products can be used individually or as part of a system as: insulating under-slab/retaining wall fill; single skin load-bearing masonry (R3.4); insulating footing blocks and precast floor panels.

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