Australian plantations 2010 inventory update

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Australia's Plantation Inventory is an annual update of timber plantation areas in each state and territory highlighting trends in plantation development. The National Plantation Inventory is part of the National Forest Inventory and has been reporting on Australia's timber plantations since 1993.

In 2009, the total area of Australia’s plantation estate increased by 2.4%, from 1.97 million to 2.02 million hectares. That area is comprised of about 0.99 million hectares (49%) of hardwood species, 1.02 million hectares (51%) of softwood species and a small area of mixed plantings.

49 658 hectares of new plantations were reported established in 2009, 31% less than in 2008. The new area comprised 43 231 hectares of hardwoods and 6427 hectares of softwoods.

In the past ten years the total plantation area has increased by about 51%. The increase is mostly hardwood plantations, the area of which increased by more than 150% in ten years while the softwood plantation area increased by 8%.

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