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Australian emission reductions can be projected over time.

The following graph illustrates an emission reduction profile to meet a zero carbon emissions target by 2050.

Image:Australian emission reduction projected.jpg

Emission targets are specified as carbon dioxide equivalent tonnes per person (C02e t/person) which are a per-capita measure.

The following table shows the actual emission reduction and their percentages.

Year Australia's emissions C02e t/person %reduction
1990 17.2 0
2000 17.1 1
2010 23 -35
2020 15 35
2030 10 57
2040 5 78
2050 0 100

[edit] Historical and current emissions by country

The projected C02e emission reductions can be contrasted with the historical emissions depicted in the graph below.

Per capita C02 emissions by country
Per capita C02 emissions by country
  • The United States has the highest per capital emissions in the world
  • Australia is among the top three in the world, and emissions have increased dramatically over the last two decades
  • Germany, Denmark and Switzerland have all achieved emission reductions and have half (or less) of Australia's emissions
  • China's per capita emissions have increased, but are still less than one quarter of Australia's
  • India and Costa Rica have about one tenth of Australia's per capita emissions.

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