Australian Forests and Climate Forum 2011

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Eighty forest and climate advocates from across the country participated in Australian Forests and Climate Forum held in Canberra on 13 August 2011.

The four was convened by Mike Thompson of and was be held at the School of Medicine at ANU.

It addressed the key data and issues of logging industry economics, law, science, carbon accounting plus implications of the Clean Energy Future content including the Biodiversity Fund and Carbon Farming Initiative.


[edit] Speakers

Speakers at the forum were from WWF, the Wentworth Group, the Wilderness Society, Environment Tasmania, the Climate Institute, GetUp!, Markets for Change, Nature Conservation Council of NSW.

Speakers included:

  • Professor Brendan Mackey (ANU)
  • Michael Spencer
  • Andrew MacIntosh (ANU)
  • Chris Taylor (Melbourne University and Beyond Zero Emissions)
  • Dr Pep Canadell
  • Dr Denis Saunders (WWF and the Wentworth Group)
  • Dr Graeme Hamilton
  • Senator Lee Rhiannon (Greens, NSW)
  • Virginia Young
  • Pepe Clarke
  • Kirsty Ruddock
  • Natasha Hammond-Deakin
  • Jill Redwood (Environment East Gippsland)
  • Vanessa Bleyer
  • Dr Phil Pullinger (Environment Tasmania)
  • Naomi Edwards
  • Dr Judith Ajani
  • Warwick Jordan
  • Louise Morris (Markets for Change)
  • Graham Tupper
  • Corey Watts (Climate Institute)
  • Gemma Tillack
  • Prue Acton
  • Lisa Stone
  • Dr Mike Kelly MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

[edit] Forum Resolution

The following resolution was passed by the forum group:

"The Forests and Climate Forum calls on Australian governments to end logging of native forests and secure their protection for environmental, climate, economic, industry and community benefits.

"The forum welcomed the new findings that we can make substantial additional cuts to our greenhouse gas emissions by ending logging in native forests in Australia.

"The Government must urgently review graphic new evidence presented of the devastation from the 2009 fires of regrowth forests and plantations, and the reduced intensity and increased fire suppression in old growth forests protected in national parks. It is clear from this new evidence that fires are far more severe in heavily logged forests than in protected old forests".

[edit] Photos and videos links

Professor Brendan Mackey talks about the role of native forests in climate change mitigation.

Chris Taylor from Beyond Zero Emissions and Melbourne University talks about bushfire data analysis that proves intact native forests mitigated the 2009 Victorian bushfires.

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