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Aussies Living Simply is a community focused on sustainability, permaculture, organic gardening, backyard livestock, simple living and stepping lightly on the planet.

You can become a member online, it’s free and you’ll be part of one of the most interesting and friendly groups on the net.

The website has a discussion forum that is lively and active and often you can get an answer to a question within minutes. Topics inlude simple living, backyard livestock, permaculture, organic food production, sustainable energy, living well on less money, preserving, bread baking, stockpiling food, recycling, mending and reusing and a wide range of sustainability topics.

There is a seed and plant exchange, members’ discounts for open pollinated vegetable seeds, bare-rooted plants, native trees and plants. You’ll also find a treasure chest of homemade food recipes and instructions on how to make natural household cleansers, soap, laundry detergent, shampoo and lots more.

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